To:     Bob Cook

          Dayton Township Supervisor/Blight Enforcement Officer

          P O Box 305

          Mayville, MI  48744



In accordance with the Dayton Township Blight Elimination Ordinance

NO. 02-2010 the following properties located in the Shay Lake Subdivisions are in violation thereof, causing a hazard to the health, safety, and well-being of all residents of the area.  The condition of these properties or state of being serves to lower, impair, and reduce the true market value of surrounding occupied and maintained homes.


Property Identification:   Provide Tax ID Number, address, owner's name, Subdivision, or lot number.


Complaint:  (provide description of blight - EXAMPLE given below)

Property has been abandoned and neglected for over ___years.  Grass is over 14 inches high and is overgrown with brush and weeds.  The house is totally neglected: roof needs repairs, animals are occupying the house as they have been seen running in and out,  the property has been flooded and mold is a substantial problem.  Photos attached.


Thank you for your kind and prompt attention to this matter








Contact number or email( if you wish to provide)